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There are a lot of services or people online who work really hard to try and “lead you to the door.” At Band Academy we feel that just leading aspiring artists to a door isn’t enough, we want to lead you to the door AND put you in the room! That’s where LIVE A&R Showcases come in!

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this is your

Opportunity Of A Lifetime

For the first time ever, Band Academy members will regularly get a chance to have their music heard by industry movers and shakers. Simply, submit your music and we’ll select the top artists to be heard by an industry expert (managers, record label A&Rs, or label owner). Members will watch the virtual showcase LIVE while interacting with us, the guest, and other members to gain insight on what these experts are really looking for in the musicians they want to work with.

Expert Feedback To Fuel Your Future

You’ll receive expert feedback straight from the source to prepare you for future success. Who knows? You could even get signed on the spot! Once we’ve got you in the room, the rest is up to you and your music!

Do-ers vs Dabblers

In this business, there’s two types of musicians. There are do-ers, and there are dabblers. You’re one of the two, right now.

The dabblers like to listen, learn, observe, but they rarely ever do anything and they consistently create excuses to keep them from ever moving forward. The do-ers actually grab life by the horns and just go for it. From what we have seen, the do-ers are the ones who get ahead in life and the dabblers never seem to progress.

Which one do you relate to right now? Which one do you want to be? If you’re a dabbler, you have an opportunity to make a decision right now to become a do-er.

If you’re ready to do instead of dabble, take action and sign up for Band Academy today.


Fill out the form below to join now. When you join today, you're not just signing up for a batch of videos. You're joining a year-long program designed to help you become a next-level expert in the new music business.

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