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Unlock the of the music business.

New Music Business Mastery is our highly detailed, always-growing, and expansive video library filled with all the knowledge you need to succeed as a modern musician in the new music business. With this library, you’ll unlock all the secrets of the music business that is constantly updated as new opportunities arise.
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New Music Business Mastery Library

How To Build A Dream Team

In this preview, Tyler explains how to build a Dream Team around your band to maximize your success. This is just one of hundreds of videos that will be available in the New Music Business Mastery library, that’s included with your Band Academy membership.

Expansive Library of Knowledge

This library covers a wide range of information all modern musicians must know, including all the details normally kept secret in the back rooms of the business. We’ll show you everything from how to run your band as a business, create an income from your music, as well as building your own highly successful dream team around your band. You’ll also learn how to grow and expand your fanbase, release your music for maximum impact, how to get on tours and so much more!

Pulling Back The Curtains


New Music Business Mastery

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Once you’ve been through this training and actually implement what we’re teaching you, you can say goodbye to the stress of being in a struggling band. You’ll never have to worry about doing things the wrong way again.

Can you imagine what life will be like when all the stress has completely disappeared from your life? What are you going to do with all the extra time and energy you saved with this knowledge?


Fill out the form below to join now. When you join today, you're not just signing up for a batch of videos. You're joining a year-long program designed to help you become a next-level expert in the new music business.

What you'll get with Band Academy™️:
  • New Music Business Mastery Library
  • Group Coaching Calls
  • Industry Insights
  • Meetups & Events
  • Your M3 - Weekly Live-stream Meetings
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